Topics: Sustainability, Urban planning, City Pages: 3 (626 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Eco – Cities

Mehraz Khaleghi Kerahroodi

This week, unlike previous weeks, we face societies who could effectively manage their cities, in terms of environmental aspects. Their success is, mostly, linked to strong mayoral leadership and people’s active participation in city programs; purchasing city-issues bond or even collecting garbage. These actions showed their commitment to sustainable development. But, this couldn’t be done without good understanding of local culture. Besides, these residents have a complete understanding of the link between good urban development planning and a better quality of life and the result can be seen in their application of innovative solutions to enhance quality of their city and economic productivity and growth, while minimizing environmental impacts. They were able to solve environmental/urban issues without time-consuming construction. In some examples, despite scarcity in land and natural resources, coming from population growth, comprehensive and integrated management of these two issues helped sustainable targets to be achievable.

Approaches to Sustainable Development environment goals can be listed as below:

* Environmentally efficient transport
* Sustainable energy use
* Sustainable land and water use
* Waste treatment with minimal environmental impacts
* Healthy indoor environment

Some cities may cut expenditures by reducing waste, while generating revenue from the recyclables and by-products resulting from waste treatment. Some protects water resources and plants trees to improve their urban ecology in response to their most important issues like: Water scarcity and high temperature.

Still traffic and mitigating usage of private vehicles are points of concerns for governments. Rapid vehicle ownership in result of low prices causes rising traffic volume. Consequences of this increment reflect on sustainable related problems, air pollution, GHG emission, depletion...
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