Should Private Vehicle Be Banned in Crowded City

Topics: Public transport, City, Transport Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: January 28, 2013
It is a well-known fact that many metropolises nowadays are faced with a growing problem of traffic congestion. Many people attribute this matter to huge volume of private vehicles and a ban of private wehicles has been proposed in many cities as a remedy for the problem, however, whether this can be an effective measure is still a topic of debate. In my perspective, a ban of private vehicles alone is not an ideal approach to the large volume of traffic, only a long-term plan incorporated various methods such as improving infrastructures and developing public transports can solve this problem completely.

First we can easily observe that ban of private vehicles alone is simply not a viable option. For a start, city dwellers in many urban areas in the world rely heavily on personal vehicles to travel. If they are banned, people will not be able to travel without suitable alternative options such as buses or subway trains which are unfortunately limited in both quantity and quality especially in developing countries. On top of that, any prohibition on movement will prove to have detrimental effects on the economy since cities are usually trade and business centers where a lot of moving are required by nature. In addition, where will all the automoblies go is also a matter of great concern as the policy does not do anything to cut down the volume of traffic itself.For that reason, in all probability,the surrounding areas will overflowed with traffic once the ban is applied. Moreover, government will lose a large amount of money annually through taxes on vehicle and subsidies to keep the ban going.

Thus it is of paramount importance that the authority develops a long-term strategy to solve the issue, starting by finding out the primary cause and dealing with it step by step.In my opinion, the problems lie in the insufficent infrastructures and poorly planned cities. Cities in developing countries are known for growing quickly without plans or organisations,...
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