Why is our Pollution Bad? - Essay

Topics: Al Gore, Global warming, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Pages: 6 (1887 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Jon Rueff

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Why is our Pollution Bad?

When we watched An Inconvenient Truth several weeks ago there was a lot of pinpointing factors that came to mind that I didn’t truly understand. When I saw all of the charts of how high global warming is increasing, it really took a second for me to realize how much damage we’re causing to this environment. One point Al Gore made was the amount of travel tourists do in a single year, and how it is effecting our global warming. He put into his own perspective how we need to limit air travel so we can keep this environment safe. I would like to share with you how some scientist and people present themselves and what their particular goal is for this type of issue.

Due to the dangerous emissions airplanes release experts say that the tourism industry is one of the biggest causes of pollution going on in the World. With tourism numbers increasing, more and more people are flying each year, causing more emissions to be released every year. Even with all of this air travel, airplane emissions only account for two percent of total emissions released into the atmosphere. The majority of gasses come from automotive vehicles. This is even scarier, because over one billion people take trips each year by car, and that number is also increasing every year. By 2020, over 1.5 billion people are expected to take a trip by car each year (AFP). This does not bode well for the environment and the steps needed to be taken to create safer cars in effort to save the environment from being destroyed. If we don’t change our manner of travel, tourism will be the cause of these tragedies in the climate changes that will keep coming to the environment. If tourism continues islands will continue to disappear and lakes will get dried up. Fortunately, steps are being taken to limit the amount of gases that are released in the air. The WTO has set limitations on the amount of emissions that can be released. Also, airline companies are on the way to making more fuel efficient and cleaner airplanes, which would mean a spike in the ticket prices (WTO 2007). Overall, something needs to be done to create transportation that is more environmental friendly, so that people can travel as they wish and not have to worry about the dangers they are causing.

The rhetorical analysis of this source was to use a nationally credited news station that has reliability to persuade the readers of the importance in being knowledgeable of this climate crisis. The purpose is to make people aware of the dangers from greenhouse gas and the growing problem that tourism is causing due to the increase of gases. The Persona of the report is presented using statistics to backup its point. There are interviews from reliable sources with knowledge on the topic. The author wanted to sound credible and knowledgeable on the topic by using facts on the issue. The audience is pretty much everyone who is old enough to understand the issue, and the dangers of greenhouse gases. The age is 16 and up because these are the people traveling. This source is reliable because it came from a worldwide news station and the source is very relevant and worth reading. Scientist from around the world have looked over this particular subject and they seem to think the same thing over this subject, which sounds very reliable. It provides a good general overview and addresses the purpose that I’m addressing. I think it is fulfilling to readers that will totally agree on the subject. This information came from a team of South African scientist who had done extensive research on climate control and global warming. They were then interviewed by a South African national news station. My source comes from the interviews of these scientist provided by the News 24 station.

One of the sources that I found was Al Gore’s book on Climate Crisis called Our Choice. This book is about solutions where leading experts...
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