Traffic Congestion

Topics: São Paulo, Rush hour, Gridlock Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: May 10, 2013
 3. Increasing traffic law 
Third solution that I want to talk with everyone is increasing traffic law. First, we should more wisely use the traffic controlling centers to promptly uncover traffic jams. It will make reduce the number of traffic congestion which can last many hours. Second, the police must strictly punish traffic law violators who cause traffic congestion, because it helps people improve their awareness and do not violate traffic law again. For example, we should double to fine of violative traffic behaviors such as crossing a red light, going wrong way on one way street or driving on the wrong lane... Besides, we must manage better the use of pavements and strictly punish individuals and organizations who illegally take pavements for private purpose.  Specially, Ha Noi City is finding appropriate regulations to prevent traffic congestion. They were proposed some ideas such as cars having even number plate go even days and cars having odd number plate go odd days, or provincial vehicles do not be allowed to go in Ha Noi City... These ideas still have unreasonable points, so we hope that effective regulations will be found in the future. 4. Increasing public transportation 

Using public tranports is final solution to prevent traffic congestion. We should use public tranports instead of other means such as car, motorbike... which make increase the quantity of vehicle. Bus is popular public transportation in Ha Noi City, but it is not really good for both quantity and quality. Therefore, we should have the subsidy for bus. First, we need to rise the number of bus to meet the need of people in rush hour. Moreover, the quality of bus must be improved to attract people to use bus instead of private vehicle. Besides, we should open new routes for bus and adjust unreasonable routes to ensure the wide coverage of bus in the transportation system.  Together with bus, subway can be a good solution to prevent traffic...
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