Traditional Training Methods

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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Traditional Training Methods

Organizations of today have a variety of methods to choose from when training their employees. There have been many technological advances in the training industry, however most employers prefer to utilize the traditional methods due to viability and effectiveness of these training formats. The most used traditional training methods are instructor-led, hands-on, and interactive. There are many types of instructor-led trainings such as blackboard or whiteboard, overhead projector, video, PowerPoint, and storytelling. Storytelling is the most effective technique because trainees can communicate openly and feel less threatened by their response for there is no wrong or right answer. The instructor-led method has advantages that out weigh disadvantages. The advantages of this method are: 1) Instructor-led classroom training is an efficient method for presenting a large body of material to large or small groups of employees; 2) It is a personal, face-to-face type of training as opposed to computer-based training and other methods we will discuss later; 3) It ensures that everyone gets the same information at the same time; 4) It is cost-effective, especially when not outsourced to guest speakers; and 5)Storytelling grabs people’s attention.(BLR, 2011) The disadvantages of this method are: 1) Sometimes it is not interactive; 2) Too much of the success of the training depends on the effectiveness of the lecturer; 3) Scheduling classroom sessions for large numbers of trainees can be difficult—especially when trainees are at multiple locations. (BLR, 2011) The hands-on traditional training method enables employees to learn while doing their job. This method utilizes several techniques to train employees such as cross-training, demonstrations, coaching, and apprenticeships. The advantages of hands-on are its effectiveness in training of new equipment and new procedures; it is applicable to trainees’ jobs, as well as enables trainers to...
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