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Topics: Management, Corporation, Environmentalism Pages: 4 (878 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Submission to Local Network

4 October 2010

We are writing to propose a human rights and environmental protection initiative targeted primarily at business partners as a versatile approach to effectively improve compliance to Principles 1 and 8 of the Global Compact.

Toyota Motor Corporation is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading multinational companies by Forbes 2000 list (Forbes 2000 2005). Our acuity of experiences in dealing with environmental initiatives and sustainability issues has allowed us to have the sufficient capacity to provide recommendations to the Local Network. As specified in our guiding principles on our company’s website (Toyota), we acknowledge the importance in supporting environmental initiatives and also for respect and support of social viability. In order to achieve better compliance, we suggest the following recommendations:

i) Establish a close working relationship with essential suppliers’ corporate management

Our experience with C21 Challenge in collaboration with the Victorian Government (refer to C21 Challenge Program Brochure) showed that it is crucial for a close working relationship with key suppliers in order to engage in corporate activities while effectively promoting environmental awareness and encouraging upgrading of skills in the furthest reaches of the supply chain. The Victorian government acknowledges that this program enables participating businesses to ensure sustainability in their business activities while effectively facilitating placement of workers to their most appropriate training opportunities in the workplace and discussing environmental impacts. We suggest that the program include more emphasis on the importance of taking up environmental responsibilities. This would encourage participating businesses to undertake environmental initiatives.

ii) Implement consistent fundamental professional training programs for the management, employees and business partners...
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