Green Transportation

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  • Published : September 3, 2008
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Not long ago environmental supply chain initiatives, or ‘green’ logistics, were seen as a necessary evil, possible only for the largest multi-national companies, and leading to little more than the ability to say they were trying.

Today, on the other hand, things could not be more different. While it is still the case that some view supply chain greening as a necessary evil, the most innovative and successful companies of all sizes have discovered the business case for going green. And, even those who were skeptical are being forced to admit that there is a ROI in supply chain greening, and it is a business essential, rather than just an add-on, in today’s market. With this change in attitude and business strategy in mind, eyefortransport conducted the first Green Transportation & Logistics US Survey in June - July 2007. With up to 75% of a company’s carbon footprint coming from transportation and logistics, we chose changes in this area to be the best representation of the planned and current initiatives companies are implementing to green their supply chains. To get a more global perspective, eyefortransport followed up this initial survey with a further three in August – September 2007: The Green Transportation & Logistics Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific Surveys were combined with the original North American data to form this Green Transportation & Logistics Global Report, which brings out the commonalities and differences in opinions and practices relating to green logistics between these respective areas. The greening of transportation and logistics is still a vague and unsettling thought for many. With so many factors to consider and so little practical information available it’s easy to see why so many either get it wrong or never even try. However, it is now clear that those who are working on environmental efforts have found the ROI in green transportation and logistics. Based on the responses to the survey, it is evident that lean and green means...
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