Ericsson Objective Achievment

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Objectives and Achievements
TargeT achieved WOrK iN PrOgreSS NOT cOMPLeTed

Objectives 2008

achievements 2008

Objectives 2009

Responsible business practices

Long term objective: Ericsson is working towards increased transparency and accountability of its operations. We have a universal governance framework that applies wherever we operate, and whatever company we may acquire. Our CR-related policies and activities play a growing role in achieving this.

100 percent completion rate of all employee anticorruption course. include assessment of internal code of conduct as part of global assessment Program with dNv. all Market Unit employees – our primary target group – and 65 percent of our workforce have taken the course. internal coc assessments completed in india, china, Brazil and Turkey. cr component of global assessment Program increased to 14 percent from 1 percent in 2007. acquisitions Tandberg Television and redback merged into ericsson’s governance framework. conduct corporate responsibility training for the ericsson Board of directors. Materiality investigation on human rights issues related to access to information, security and privacy. achieved. achieved. continue roll-out in remaining units.

increase cr component of global assessment program to 20 percent. assessment program to cover 50 percent of Market Units (100 percent every second year, rolling program). complete Tandberg Television and redback compliance with egMS. conduct corporate responsibility training for the ericsson Board of directors. continue to monitor information, security and privacy issue.

Stakeholder inclusiveness
conduct stakeholder engagement survey for review of 2007 cr report. internal employee awareness and engagement program for Sustainability/cr launched. complete stakeholder review of human rights case studies and publication in conjunction with BLihr. indepth interviews conducted with customers and investors. including global launch of Sustainability/cr employee collaboration site. Selected ericsson case studies critiqued by NgOs, business organizations at BLihr outreach day in india. conduct annual stakeholder engagement survey. Launch internal global innovation and sustainability competition. Publish three of these human rights and development case studies with business schools or human rights institutes.

Human rights
complete socio-economic impact assessment in Sudan. implement recommendations and relate to continual improvement of ericsson management of human rights. achieved. general cr training held for 90 percent of global security management organization. Supported the every human has rights campaign. approx. 10 percent of employees signed online pledge. Publication during 2009.

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Contribute to raising standards worldwide by influencing our supply chain in the adoption of responsible conduct and environmental sustainability. Improve transparency and engagement among suppliers by fully integrating the Supplier Code of Conduct (S-CoC) Program across all our Market and Business Units. initiate roll-out of risk assessment model globally. define approach and select suppliers for increased engagement on S-coc implementation in china. achieved. 81 suppliers were trained in nine cluster training sessions in china. Training of supplier representatives as coc auditors, training of supplier managers on coc and legislation. Seminars held in india and Sri Lanka. complete roll-out of risk assessment model by year end. Launch web-based Supplier training on coc. report wide use by our suppliers by the end of 2009.

Perform two supplier seminars to cover additional companies supplying ericsson’s factory in Jaipur, india. hold ericsson Supplier day in india including code of conduct. Perform more than 120 S-coc audits and follow up audits in china, india, Brazil and eastern europe. conduct observer training for 90 percent of the Market Units’ strategic sourcing personnel. Perform...
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