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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Corporate social responsibility has become a topic of concern for many businesses. Businesses are striving to meet sales and profit goals, yet at the same time have a positive impact on society. The reason for this is that customers, investors, employees, government agencies, and communities are all influenced by business, yet they all have the ability to influence and impact businesses as well. A company’s reputation is at stake when it comes to being socially responsible, and many companies have developed a plan that ensures they are being socially responsible while still meeting their sales/profit goals. This paper will evaluate Company Q’s current policies and attitude and make recommendations to improve them towards social responsibility and in turn increase their bottom line. In Company Q’s case some business decisions need to be re-analyzed in order to ensure they are meeting their goals, as well as being socially responsible. Company Q is a small locally owned Company that has decided to close down stores in higher-crime-rate areas of the city due to the stores reportedly losing money. Another issue is that it took many years of insisting by the customers to get health-conscience and organic goods in due to worries by the company about high cost margins. They have also turned down opportunities to donate day-old products to the local food banks because they are worried about lost revenues and fraud. The current attituds and decisions seem to be based on the bottom line and profitability of the company rather than the best interests of the community and their customers. If these decisions are not evaluated and changed the company could ultimately lose their business to a more responsive competitor. The first change Company Q should make is to re-evaluate the closing of stores in high-crime-rate areas. It is reported that these stores have closed due to lack of profitability. An option for Company Q could be to relocate to a central location between...
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