Est 1 Social Responsibility and Company Q

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Company Q is an organization working to achieve the goal of generating the most possible profit. The attitude of company Q toward social responsibility however, is an area that needs focused improvement. Based on the description provided the company uses a numbers only approach to decision making. There are intrinsic and fiscal benefits of applying a social philanthropic ethic that should be evaluated. Improvement of company Q’s application of social responsibility could be achieved by developing systems to ensure inventory integrity with community donations, reacting more effectively to the desires of customers, and considering a business model based on more than just profit.

Community giving and charitable donation is another area company Q should focus on. The misguided reasoning for not donating day-old products is a threat of employee theft and fraud. The lost revenue from this threat seems very low. The local food bank approached company ! Requesting donations of food that is discarded anyway. The only potential for employee fraud is lying about products that are fresh and claiming they are day-old. This minor threat could be reduced by management developing and enforcing basic inventory procedures. With this kind of system in place, the only potential threat of unnoticed employee theft would be of food already designated for donation. This type of stealing would be ethically wrong on a personal level for the employee(s) in question. However, it would not result in loss of revenue for the grocery company. Donating food to a local community food bank has inherent value, but there is 3

Social Responsibility and Company Q
wider marketing ramification as well. Public perception is a vital component in a company’s success. If the public became aware that company Q has been throwing out food that it had been asked to donate, it could result in a public relations nightmare or consequently profit loss for stockholders. A business that consistently donates...
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