Toxic Emotions at Work

Topics: Emotion, Suffering, Psychology Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Toxic Emotions at Work

Toxic emotions are negative emotions that are felt in the workplace, when changes or other actions take place. There are many factors that influence toxic emoticon such as; “new bosses, mergers, layoffs, stifling or confusing policies, salary decisions, and even the way that changes are communicated” (Pierce & Newstrom, 2011, p. 244). Each factor presents its own risks and challenges, and it is important to remember to deal with each emotional upsets from the beginning.

The job of a toxin handler is to “respond compassionately to pain in the organization, reduce its impact, and enable people to return to constructive behaviors” (Pierce & Newstrom, 2011, p. 246). I have had the opportunity to play the role of a toxin handler. I witnessed the integration of a new boss, while I worked as an Assistant Director of a childcare center. It was hard for the employees to conform to new guidelines and procedures set forth by the new manager. It was my job to “keep the peace” and be understanding and compassionate to employee concerns and stressors, while trying to promote the new Directors policies. I served as an intermediary between the employees and our new boss. I was there to listen, provide them an outlet to speak freely, and help transform their emotions from pain to those of comfort and acceptance. Toxic handlers are special individuals that have quality characteristics and skills that help diminish emotional stress within the organization. A toxic handler is an employee that possesses the following skills * Reading emotional cues of others and themselves

* Keeping people connected and in communication
* Acting to alleviate the suffering of others
* Mobilizing people to deal with their pain and get back to a stable state * Building a team environment that rewards compassionate action (Pierce & Newstrom, 2011, p. 245)

Toxic handlers face tough challenges such as identifying and dealing with...
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