Tourism Marketing

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The research focus is about Alfresco restaurant in Hanoi and has 6 main parts that are Introduction, Customer Analysis, Service Settings, Internal Marketing, Recommendation and Conclusion, Reference. In the first part, we give a brief introduction of the company’s service, marketing objectives and targeted market of Alfresco restaurant.. Besides, a description of the target market for the business, customer expectations and perceived benefits, evaluating the service in terms of perceived risk and managing customer mix will be included in Customer Analysis part. Moreover, the Service setting is reported from the finding of the Physical Evidence’s Role. By answering questions whether the current organizational culture support a customer orientation, there is evidence of service provider emotional labor or not, its effects to the customers, if employee reward programs are tied to customer satisfaction or loyalty can be changed, extended and so on, we would like to interpret the Internal Marketing of this restaurant in detail. Overall, after researching carefully about Alfresco restaurant’s marketing factors, we offer some recommendations that may help improving the situation, and draw a conclusion to summarize the main factors that have been analyzed. Table of content

Customer Analysis3
Service Setting5
Internal Marketing8

I. Introduction
Alfresco is a restaurant chain which belongs to Alfresco Group Vietnam. Three other brand names that also belong to Alfresco Group Vietnam are Pepperonis, Jaspas and Papa Joe Coffee. Main dishes of Alfresco are Aussie steaks, Jumbo BBQ Ribs, great pastas, cheesy pizzas, salads and Mexican food. The first Al Frescos outlet was opened at 23 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi in 1996 (after operating in Hong Kong since 1992) and has been expanded with other three outlets in Hanoi and three ones in Ho Chi Minh City. So, with eleven years of valuable experience, Alfresco Group has further developed and opened eighteen additional restaurants in Vietnam. The Group has carefully expanded with a vision to develop distinctive brands to satisfy diverse tastes and markets. The Alfresco Brand serves comprehensive menu at affordable prices. The Pepperonis Brand was created to offer similar comfort food, to that of Alfresco, however, targeting a more local and cost sensitive crowd. Jaspas, targets a more business orientated clientele, offering great steaks and comprehensive wine collection in quiet and relaxed surroundings.ati Average bill for one person in Alfresco is around $5 to $12, so its majority of customers are people with middle-income or foreigners living in Vietnam. The restaurant is quite small with less than 50 seats. However, almost customers show satisfaction with the service in both English and Vietnamese here. Food can be served in the restaurant or taken away by free delivery service. II. Customer analysis

Alfresco has been catering for the “hungry” of Hanoi for more than ten years, so it has to have a wise strategy to follow. In demographic segmentation, Alfresco uses income factors. The restaurant’s target customers are businessman and the foreigners living in Vietnam. In behavioral segmentation, the restaurant applies several factors. Occasion factor has been used when Alfresco offer two kinds of buffet: one for lunch and one for evening. Besides, Alfresco hosts a plethora of BBQ’s and buffet for private and corporate clients in special occasions ( Alfresco also finds that businessmen and the foreigners range the first in its degree of loyalty so it has businessman set lunch including three courses with 155.000VND. For buyer-readiness stage factor, Alfresco provide a website that introduce its food and drink, address, kitchen setting, delivery services and customer satisfaction’s images. By doing this, potential customers...
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