Tourism in Perspective

Topics: Tourism, England, National Register of Historic Places Pages: 4 (865 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Darryl Eugene Collins
Tourism Management Hospitality 450
Instructor: Professor Marco Albarran
Week 1 Assignment
Chapter 1: Tourism in Perspective
Chapter 2: Tourism through the Ages
Chapter 3: Career Opportunities
September 9, 2012

Chapter 1: Tourism in Perspective

1. Suppose that you are a high school economics teacher. You plan to visit your principal’s office and convince her that tourism should be included as part of one of your courses. What arguments would you use?

Answer: If I were the teacher who wanted to add a Tourism class as part of my Economics Class in my high school, I would argue the fact that adding this curriculum would give students a general synopsis and a general outlook of the tourism field which is an ever growing career field. With many students not knowing what to major in when they reach their college freshman years, I think by giving them a glimpse into this magnificent field of study, students would have something to gauge later on as they begin to narrow down their field of concentration.

In an ever growing multicultural society with student in colleges and universities from around the globe, I think there is lot of scope of travel and tourism courses, it has scope in many foreign countries, which could help offer employment and create jobs in travel agencies, hotels, airlines and govt. organizations dealing with tourism, which would be ideal for High School Seniors.

2. You are the minister of tourism of Jamaica, an island country. Identify the instructions you would issue to your statistics department concerning collecting data on tourist arrivals and expenditures.

Answer: Jamaica’s Tourism statistics are collected by Jamaica's Tourist Board. The instructions and Information that you as the Minister of Tourism would give to the board of tourism, would be to keep statistics on all monthly figures on visitor arrivals, numbers of stopover arrivals, cruise passenger...
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