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We are excited to propose a two day one night trip to Gopeng at Perak from Saturday, September 8th through Sunday, September 9th. We are willing to lead the trip to Gopeng in this decade. This trip is for those who interested to experience on having the outdoor and recreational activities. Drawing on our diverse backgrounds, we developed a proposal that promises to create a Recreation trip for MSU student including outsider’s .We would like to create an opportunity for our MSU students to examine the recreation in Malaysia especially to understand the unique of the place and attraction places in Gopeng perak. Above all, we share a passion for student that we would like to share.

These trips to objective, for MSU student and especially for new student register at management and Science University. We proposal this trip for new student because to understanding hospitality and tourism in Malaysia. Student enters to this course after spm or stpm, some student knows about industry, some not. From this trip, student will know about basic industry needs.

And another thing, student will learn practically about hospitality and tourism industry. It’s giving new experience going out with new friends. This a opportunity student adopt with new study life. This help student bring out for continues study for entire course works.

Program Itinerary
Saturday 8 September 2012
* 07.30 am : Gathering at MSU ( Registration , breakfast) * 08.30am : departure from MSU
* 10.30am : RnR tapah
* 11.30am-01.00pm : Arrived at Kellie’s Castle ( visiting) * 1.00pm- 02.00pm : Arrive at GuaTempurung
* 2.00pm-03.00pm : Lunch provided.Rest and solat
* 03.00pm-04.40pm: 100minutes Cave Exploration
* 05.00pm-05.30pm : Checking at Homestay at Gopeng
* 5.30pm-07.00 : Preparation for BBQ
* 08.00pm-11.00pm: BBQ & Activity ( Telematch)
* 11.00pm : Disperse

Sunday 09 September 2012
* 07.30am : Gathering ( Briefings and Breakfast provided) * 08.30am – 10.00am: Arrive at Sungkai , Wildlife Conservation Centre * 10.00am – 11.30am : Tour at Wildlife Conservation Centre * 11.30am – 12.00pm : Arrive at Sungai Klah

* 12.00pm – 02.00pm : Lunch and Zuhur prayer at Pekan Sg Klah * 02.00pm – 04.00pm : Activities at Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP) Sg Klah * 4.00pm: Departure from Sungai khah * 6.00pm: Arrived at MSU.

Uniqueness of place
Kellie’s Castle
Forthy kilometers south of ipoh along jalan raja Dr. Nazrin Sha ( jalan Gopeng ), which leads to Batu Gajah, stand Kellie.s Castle. William Kellie Smith, an English rubber planter , commissioned this Moorish style mansion in 1915. In the middle of its construction, he left for England where he died in 1926 and the mansion was never completed. It is believed that it has hidden rooms and a secret tunnel.

Believed to have existed since early 8000 B.C., Gua Tempurung is probably the largest natural limestone structure in Malaysia. Explore Perak's best-kept secret, the Tempurung Caves. One of the most majestic white marble and limestone towers in Malaysia. Concealed within the massif structure is an intricate system of caves filled with various combed dimensions. Known to the locals as Gua Tempurung, the name conjures images of mystery and intrigue that ensures a peek into its deep and dark secrets. It comprises of five huge domes with ceilings resembling coconut shells. Each of these domes have different calcium formations and marble that exist in differing temperatures and water levels. These caves are famous for its breathtaking gallery of stalagmites, stalactites and other amazing rock formations that are superb speleological wonders, found only in this part of the world. There are various tours into the...
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