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Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization Pages: 10 (3143 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Abstract: There has been considerable attention focused on the tourism experience over the past decades, and a handful of studies are consistently conducted to explore how to successfully create and manage tourism experience. This essay aims to concentrate on the key constructs that associated with experience economy and apply them to a specific case (Dreamworld) to gain the implications for the development of tourism system. Keywords: tourism experiences, characteristics, memorable, five design principles, implications

In the recent decades, the economic development has seen a dramatic transformation due to the enormous enhancement in the technology and the emergence of diverse demands (Knutson, Beck, Kim, & Cha, 2007). The public consumption is no longer restricted to the product or service which has ever been highly valued. It seems to be increasingly significant for consumers to seek an added value from the regular economic exchange process, which is called experience. Some of study results indicate that the consumption of experience is the one of incentives of the fastest growing sectors in the world (Pine & Gilmore, 1998; Richards, 2001), and it is especially in the tourism industry that staging experience is the vital approach to satisfy the tourists and establish the competitive business (Oh, Fiore, & Jeoung, 2007).It is clear that tourism organizations should not be content to understand the importance of tourism experience. More importantly, the implement of effective methods which can create the memorable experience for tourists is critical to the successful business. In this essay, the Dreamworld would be used as a typical example of the tourism organization that endeavors to provide tourists with memorable experiences. Before analyzing the features of memorable experiences, the key concepts associated with the experience economy will be identified and discussed. Then, it will illustrate how the tourism attractions design memorable experiences which are enlightened from these concepts. What is the tourism experience? From the economic perspective, tourism experience is not only a distinct economic offering that happens in the process of travelling and visiting the destinations, but also largely impacts on the performance of tourism business. It is widely acknowledged that experiences have huge differences from goods and services. A famous study on the experience economy which was conducted by Pine and Gilmore (1999) has summarized the distinctions among these three economic offerings. They point out experiences is characterized by the nature of memorable. It is completely


dependent on the personal mind, and affected by the external and internal factors. They also state the provision of physical goods can be easily achieved by the mass production according to the features, and services are delivered as long as identifying the benefits of customers. However, people who seek experiences are based on their emotional or spiritual demands. It is difficult to apply a specific object to satisfy such uncontrollable demands, especially in the tourism industry where tourists intend to seek an authenticity that is hardly found in the daily routines (Oh, Fiore, & Jeoung, 2007). On the other hand, the tourism organizations are compelled to think about upgrading their offerings rather than just selling products or services (Pine & Gilmore, 1999), because the experience demands determine the tourists’ choices of the destinations. Therefore, understanding the tourism experience is significant for the tourism organizations and helps them explore innovative means to enhance the organizational system. The characteristics of tourism experience & the implications for tourism organizations Although tourism experience is a complicated concept to be thoroughly perceived or understood, it can be approached through analyzing the characteristics to gain the insight and interpretation. According to Pine and Gilmore (1999),...
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