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Topics: Australian dollar, Economy of Australia, Tourism in Australia Pages: 8 (2196 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Table of contents
Executive summary
Table of contents
1.0 Analysis of Organisation
2.1 Mission/vision statement
2.2 Product/brand portfolio, core activities
2.3 Capabilities and resources
2.4 Recent promotional campaigns
2.0 Analysis of International Markets
3.5 Macro Trends
3.6 Micro Trends
3.7 Numerical Trends
3.0 Situational Analysis
3.1SW- internal factors
3.2OT- external factors
4.0 Forecast Sales and Market Potential
4.1Forecast of tourist numbers
5.0 Target Market
6.8 Macro
6.9 Micro
6.0 Profile the Consumer
7.0 Positioning Strategy
8.0 Conclusions & Recommendations
9.0 Bibliography, Grammar, Presentation
10.0 Conclusion
11.0 References

1. Analysis of Organisation
1.1. Mission/vision statement
Tourism Australia is the Australia Government agency which is in charge of attracting visitors from all over the world to Australia and encouraging Australians to travel domestically not only for business but also for leisure time. The aim of Tourism Australia is to improve the economy of Australia tourism. To achieve this, Tourism 2020- a new strategy has been carried out. The purpose of the strategy is to increase the expenditure to about $140 billion dramatically in ten years. Tourism Australia promoted the unique attributes in about 30 markets, Australia is one of them. This will encourage more people to visit more widely and spend more time travelling. Tourism Australia holds some activities such as advertising, PR and media programs, trade shows and industry programs, consumer promotions, online communications and consumer research.

1.2. Product/brand portfolio, core activities
We have learned what is unique and special about our country during over 40 years and promote Australia tour to the world. Brand positioning:
“Our brand positioning statement provides the guide for our brand communications strategy” (Tourism Australia, 2012). The strengths and associations make our brand unique and significant. Australia people are very friendly and open, their attitude make every visitors comfortable and feel welcome. Visitors enjoy the open-wide landscapes, pristine oceans and vibrant cities in Australia. What’s more, you can also experience the adventure playground beyond imagination. Brand proposition:

The brand proposition is closed associated with brand positioning. The brand proposition describes what makes our brand unique. “It also acts as a succinct statement of intent that captures the sense of what a visitor can expect to experience on a trip to Australia.”(Tourism Australia, 2012) You will feel fulfil and satisfied with the wonderful experience you have and the friendly people you meet in here. Brand personality:

Brand personality is a unique part, the description of it is human characteristics, and we associate this with our brand. We show our brand which has the emotional characteristics to our target audience.

1.3. Capabilities and resources
Tourism is important to Australia economy. The board of directors report to federal Minister about what happened on recent situation and company. Tourism Australia has about 220 employees and 13 regional offices around the world. Tourism Australia is responsible for attracting people come to Australia and marketing Australia as a tourism destination. To establish and position your brand in the international market and achieve a high level needs a long time, for building your tourism business we discover tips, tools and techniques. The toolkits and resources to help you experience the tour are designed. During the year 2010 to 2011, tourism industry accounts for 2.5% of Australia’s GDP about $35 billion a day. There are seven experiences that make Australia different from other destinations. Aboriginal Australia is about the most ancient stories all over the world. The natural beauty of wild such as the red sandy deserts,...
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