Moroccan Tourism

Topics: Tourism, Australia, Travel Pages: 4 (1247 words) Published: December 7, 2012
School of Business Administration|
Case Study n°2 : The Australian Tourist Commission|

Submitted By : Yassine Selmouni
Supervised By : Dr. Penny Macdonald

Prior to setting any strategies targeting the US travelers, it's important to understand and evaluate different portions of the population; that is to identify the target market and direct efforts toward satisfying the needs of the targeted market. Different categories of travelers have to be taken into consideration; the experience seekers, this portion of travelers is not specific to any age group, income level ..etc. Experience seekers are among all age groups and from different geographic locations, this segment is identified by Tourism Australia as people who have a higher propensity to enjoy what the country has to offer. These people see travel and holidays as a major reflection of their lifestyle, they have most likely been to other countries and different destination which shape in a way their expectations of the value they are about to receive. Moreover, their experience push them to put more effort into information seeking and thus, they are likely to investigate the options offered to them more carefully. From another perspective, these consumers spend more, are likely to stay longer and like the interaction with people from the country, and they seek a palpable interaction with the culture. This segment might be one of the most important segment to target (30 to 50 percent of the travelers from the key source markets). However, it would be nonsense to neglect the other segments ; The youth segment ( 18 to 30 years commonly called generation Y), the family segment ( price sensitive segment that look for safety and high value), The holidaymaker segment ( seeking cultures discovery and attracted by the diversity that a country can offer) and finally the honeymoon segment.

Experience seekers being the high potential group for Australia, we need to investigate the...
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