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The Ten “P’s” of Travel, Tourism
and Hospitality Marketing*

* From Best Practices for International Tourism Development for Rural Communities (2002) by David L. Edgell, Sr., PHD


“…. to design a product/service combination
that provides real value to targeted
customers, motivates purchase, and fulfills
genuine customer needs.”
-James Makens et al., Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism, 1999

Ten “P’s”
1. Product
The tourism product differs from
other products due to the wide
range it covers, including such
areas as accommodations,
transportation, food, recreation
and attractions. Often the product
includes intangibles such as
history, culture and natural beauty.
Many times the hospitality or
tourism product is viewed as more
of a “service” in the customer’s
eyes. The closer we can
determine how to satisfy the
customer’s needs, the more
successful the destination will be.

Ten “P’s”
2. Price
This refers to the amount
customers pay for the
product or service
provided. A quality tourism
experience at a fair price is
what the customer is
looking for in most cases.
Pricing should be based
upon clear-cut goals and
objectives: survival, profit
maximization, market
share, competition or

Ten “P’s”
3. Place
The place where the
customer buys the tourism
product can vary greatly.
Travel agents, tour
operators and tour
wholesalers are a few
examples of the distribution
points for tourism products.
Look for new distribution
points in which you can sell
your services. For
example: web sites like

Ten “P’s”
4. Promotion
A range of activities can be
used to convince
customers to buy the
product, including
information kits, web sites,
advertising, personal
selling, sales promotion,
travel shows, and public
Utilize tourist information
centers, such as welcome
Participation with your
state, regional and local
tourism offices and

Iowa Tourism Office
Promotional Opportunities
International Travel,
Group Travel and

Iowa Tourism Office
Promotional Opportunities
Iowa Travel Guide
Iowa Calendar of
Events (Print and Online)
Communications and
Public Relations
Advertising Program
Publications such as Midwest
Living, AAA Living, The Iowan,
Better Homes and Gardens, The
Group Travel Leader, Minneapolis
Star Tribune and more….

Ten “P’s”
5. Partnership
By forging partnerships with
companies that share the same
business objective, you can better
meet the overall demands of the
tourism customer while sharing
the total marketing costs.
Strategic Alliances- Two or more
organizations that can benefit
from each others strengths.
Example: A winery might form
alliances with restaurants, many
attractions form alliances with
“Coopetition”- Cooperative efforts
between competitive local or
regional organizations that enable
them to compete effectively at the
national and international levels.
Example: Silos and Smokestacks,
tourism regions and boards

5. Partnership (cont)
Iowa Tourism Office
Three Tourism RegionsWestern, Central and Eastern
Educational, Networking,
Promotional and
Partnering Opportunities
Grant Programs
Conferences and Educational
Annual Educational
Unity Day
Industry Research Information
Welcome Center Surveys,
Domestic Travel Reports,

Ten “P’s”
6. Packaging
Because the tourism
product often includes a
variety of attractions,
facilities and services,
packaging must also take
on several different forms.
A presentation of products
and/or services that would
normally be purchased
separately, but are
combined in a single
purchase for the
convenience of the
consumer in ease, pricing,

Ten “P’s”
7. Programming
Programming special events and
activities enhances and enriches
the tourism...
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