Tough Guy

Topics: Management, Decision making, The Conversation Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Tough Guy Analysis

Tough Guy Analysis Tough Guy is a case that centers around the interaction among four associates (Frazer, Fenster, Patten, and Edwards) at an investment bank named Hudson Smith Gordon (Hudson). The conversation centers around Chip Mazey, their team leader and one of the firms VP’s. Mazey is described as a dynamic, bright, very capable banker. However, seemed to take Type-A personality to the extreme. To elobotrate, under the umbrella of “kiss up, kick down” Mazey developed a nasty repuation amomg his subordinates. A repuation that did not shy from using deragatory language, micromanaging, taking credit, and setting people up for failure. As a result, it made it difficult for them to approach upper management. Frazer had gathered all this information on Mazey, which could be described as almost liberating, but must on how best to approach the issue. “Yet that same VP posssesed many of the characteristics Frazer had expected and indeed admired on Wall Street” (p. 5). Frazer has gathered all this information on Mazey, which has almost been liberating, but he must decide on how to handle this situation without jeopardizing his career. The difficulty Frazer and other are experincing is due to their lack of involvement in the decision-making process. According to Ackers, Wilkinson, & Dundon (2006), employee involvement is a process in which decisions in an organization is shared among individuals who are otherwise hierrarchically unequal” (p.2). The absence of any inclininaction of upper management seeking the participation of employess has lead to an unfavorable sitaution full of presenting problems.
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