Tough Love

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Melanie Cruz
English 370 Essay1
Dr. Christopher McBride
March 4, 2013
“Vocabulary Development”
* Plentiful, Copious, Rich, Profuse, Ample, Lavish, Scarce (Antonym) Formidable
* Difficult, tough, daunting, arduous, challenging, intimidating, easy (Antonym) Adolescents
* Youth, teenagers, youngsters, juveniles, minors, young person Profound
* Very deep, intense, overwhelming, overpowering
* Trick, ploy, stunt
* Showy, spectacular, modest (Antonym)
* Limit, restrains, restricts, curbs, shortens, extends (Antonym) Mandatory
* Obligatory, required, needed, optional (Antonym)
* Disbelievers, doubters, cynics, believers (Antonym)
* Insult, affront, criticism, compliment (Antonym)

Melanie Cruz
English 370 Essay1
Dr. Christopher McBride
March 4, 2013
“A Uniform Policy”
By: Rene Sanchez
I am very highly in favor of our children to wear uniform in their school. Wearing uniform to school would help our children more responsible on taking priority of what they need to wear, when they go to school. When I started attending school from Kinder garden to Elementary School in the Philippines, we always have to wear a uniform. I love wearing uniform, it really makes me feel am really in school, if my uniform is not complete for me to wear for school, I would just stay home, because there’s time our school is very strict when it comes to wearing a proper uniform. I always make sure before I go to bed my uniform is always ready, nice and properly iron. When I start school here to U.S. I was looking forward of wearing uniform, I was very disappointed when I found out that we have to wear a regular clothes every day to go to school.

If everyone can take the uniform policy like we do it in our country, students would look more decent and well behave. My son start school here in Solano County, he has to wear a uniform, and I really enjoy shopping for him. Even...
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