Total Quality Management

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management is a strategic system involving teamwork, which is essential to the success of all businesses. This process has been developed and strengthened over several decades. This has caused businesses to work together to improve their knowledge of recent technology and approaches to training. Total Quality Management helps to competitively meet the demands of customers' by bringing organizations together with management enabling professionals to improve customer quality.

Total Quality Management was developed not long after World War II. The United States occupation force's was aiding Japan to help them develop quality systems to resolve problems concerning the telephone system. W. Edwards Deming and JM Juran were businessmen who were deeply concerned with the issues occurring in Japan. These businessmen eventually brought Total Quality Management to the United States although it was initially limited to munitions and telecommunications. It was a method of sorting out defective products from good products by careful inspection through a production line. (

Philip B. Crosby is a businessman who consistently emphasizes the importance of total quality Management through his numerous speeches. He solely believed in carefulness and doing things right the first time in order to prevent errors. Crosby thought it would be a greater loss of sales and money to neglect problems. He strongly believed that putting more money into the company to prevent these problems would be a greater investment. (

W. Edwards Deming strongly believed in defining a businesses mission vision and goal. He believed in aiming towards constant improvement in the product or service offered to clients. He consistently reiterated the importance of making the concept a matter of daily practice, including long-term profit orientation. Deming's believes management must...
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