Total Quality Pioneers Paper

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Running Head: Total Quality Pioneers

Total Quality Pioneers Paper

Ashley Cleeves

Quality Management And Productivitiy MGT/449

October 3rd, 2010

Zachary Owyang

In this paper, I will explain quality and elements, and a description on how a quality pioneer’s use of total quality elements made the pioneer successful. I will also explain why the elements of quality are useful in today’s business world and what I foresee about the future of quality.

Total Quality Management is defined as an “organization-wide management approach that focuses on quality as an overarching goal. The basis of this approach is the understanding that all employees and organizational units should be working harmoniously to satisfy the customer“ (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2008, p. 660). Elements important to an organization are vision, mission, objectives, customer focus, employee commitment, continual improvement, education, and training. These total quality elements allow organizations to create foundations and maintain improvements.

W. E. Deming is a well known philosopher of Total Quality Management. Deming’s was an American statistician who advanced the use of statistics for constant quality improvement. Deming had a specific approach to put quality first. Deming believed that in order to improve quality, companies should have their employees deal directly with customers. The goal is to achieve quality improvements.

Deming’s is popular for his work with the Japanese after the war ended. He provided assistance to Japanese leaders as they were going through a difficult time struggling to keep its‘ people employed. Management leaders in Japan had an open mind to new ideas. Deming’s training, assisted Japanese industry and they were able to compete on a global level.

The need for improved product quality emerged in the 1980’s, when it became apparent to the United States that we were lagging behind other countries; specifically Japan. The United States...
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