Tools and Skills for Performance Consulting

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Useful Tools and Techniques for Performance Consulting

Many researchers have developed experiments within several organizations that demonstrate the right approach to effective performance consulting. Bell and Jones (2008) reported that "Research and theorizing recognizes that a manager's identification and judgment of a moral problem is a subjective, socially constructed process that can be influenced by principles, theories, and values"(p. 503). Furthermore, research also offers suggestions that serve as a useful guide when engaging in the consulting process. However, when consulting there are seven critical skills that must be used when consulting, and they are as follows; one must define clear objectives and goals, maintain confidentiality, involve people that will be affected by project, forge a partnership, have clear communication, develop contract, and also have a strategy. The purpose of this research paper is to correlate different ways that prove some technical and critical skills of consulting. This paper also intends to give examples and offer techniques used through research that can help one to consult flawlessly. There are several different strategies that can be used during the performance consulting process. When engaging in performance consulting the consultant should find out some information about the company prior to meeting with the client. According to Thamain (2004), effective consultants are social architects who foster a climate of active participation by involving people at all organizational levels in the assessment of the existing system, and in the planning and implementation of the desire change. They also build alliances with support organizations and upper management to assure visibility, priority, resource availability, and overall support for sustaining the organizational improvement beyond its implementation phase"(p. 42). The first section highlights and analyzes the seven critical skills needed to consult. The second section suggests guidelines for the five tools and techniques which can be used to consult flawlessly. Lastly, the final section acknowledges some leadership behaviors that can be used to help organizations meet their needs.

One of the key concepts to consulting is to understand the basic needs of a client. When making initial contact with the client, the purpose of the project must be defined immediately. In addition to that, it is good to make sure that both the consultant and client are clear of what the objective of the project is. From the start be sure to develop a mutual understanding of what the issue is, and if there are any underlying problems that contribute to this. If employees need to be involved, it is best to relate the intervention being used to the companies’ goals or mission statement. Employees show much more interest knowing that their involvement will help for the better of the organization and not just one individual. According to Thamhain (2004), “Organizational members are more likely to engage in a development initiative if they perceive it to be clearly related to the goals of the company. Clear linkages between the intervention and company mission, goals, and objectives create enthusiasm and desire to participate, as well as lowering anxieties and helping to unify the people behind the intervention”(p. 42). The employees must feel confident about the interventions that are going to be used if not they will be less reluctant to offer insight. The consultant must also inform the client to keep staff informed on the status of the project so that the client feels they’re playing a role in the consulting process. Understanding the basic needs of the client could help the process to get executed in a timely manner. During the consulting process one must expect some resistance at some point, because employees may feel like the consultant hasn't made them feel...
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