Tomahl Cook vs Nj

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  • Published : December 8, 2011
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State v. Tomahl Cook
The case of Tomahl Cook vs. The State of New Jersey was a very grusome study in the tragedy of Katrina Suhan. Katrina was murdered February 14, 1998 in Old Bridge, New Jersey. She was only 15 years when she was brutally murdered by a cold-hearted ruthless murderer. Katrina's life was taken away from her at such a young age due to a sick human being. The experience of driving by where Katrina lived, where she was abducted, and where she was murdered was very moving. I found it very interesting to follow the trail of a murder as if I was on the case myself. The street where Katrina was abducted is a pretty busy street which is North Stevens St. in South Amboy. I could envision it at night how it could be an eerie place to be walking alone. As to why Katrina's friend Katherine and her parents let her walk home alone, baffles me to this point. The walk from Katherine’s house to Katrina’s apartment was a pretty far distance. When I drove by car from house to house, it took me approximately fifteen minutes. A fifteen minute car drive is about a fourty-five minute walk. Katherine’s parents should have never let Katrina out of the house at night to do that walk alone. Katrina insisted that she would be fine and would have no problem walking alone. I assumed she felt this way probably because she had lived in the area her whole life and knew it pretty well. A 15 year old girl shouldn't be walking alone in the midst of the night in any town. The abduction of Katrina could have been easily avoided if her friends' parents took some responsibility. Driving down the road leading up to the "hole in a wall" led me to a spooky feeling. I could only imagine if I was walking alone at night into this tunnel with a feeling I would never escape.

The next place I went to was the roller rink which was also located off N. Stevens in South Amboy. It is located approximately two miles away from Cardinal McCarrick High School where Katrina attended. I...
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