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Topics: New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, 2005 Atlantic hurricane season Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: July 8, 2012
During my English comp summer session class, I was instructed to read several essays and give my feedback on them. In my opinion, the last three writings were probably the most memorable and important. “Hurricane Katrina”, a story on the immediate and after affects of Hurricane Katrina on the city of New Orleans, was first of these three stories. It focused on real life experiences of people who lived through it, victims giving their heartrending testimonies. “It’s Not Just A Bike”, is about Lacey Taylor and her tireless pursuit in her cause to help bring to a halt thieves stealing bikes from off her school campus. Another story I read was “Free The Children”. It gave constructive criticism to parents who would not generally let their children enjoy their summers out of school. These three compositions were the most significant and interesting to read.

Shelton Jackson who is probably best known as Spike Lee, gave a whole host of people who really lived through Hurricane Katrina, a chance to make their voices heard. Lee provides a unique viewpoint from a great quantity of victims of Hurricane Katrina. I think that Spike Lee did an unbelievable job creating the moving and emotional piece of work. His composition includes raw footage of the disaster and real time reaction from sufferers. The writing highlights a human aspect of the tragic event. It also shows not only a lack of compassion from people who were in the better positions to help, but evidence that the flood was not caused completely or entirely by Hurricane Katrina. Some of the flood problem should be credited to New Orleans’s levee system, which was not structurally strong enough to withstand even a storm significantly less powerful than Katrina was. This story showed me to not take for granite the simple things like soap and a shower or dry clothes.

In another essay “It’s Not Just A Bike”, Lacey Taylor who is the author, speaks openly and sincerely about thieves on her college campus...
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