New Jersey vs. T.L.O

Greg Jones
2nd period
Research paper
New Jersey vs. T.L.O

Society’s Morals are values which we attribute to a system of beliefs, typically a religious system, but it could be a political system or some other set of beliefs. These values get their authority from something outside the individual- a higher being or higher authority. In the 80s New Jersey public school stressed the importance of a strong school was important that schools there maintain an efficient atmosphere because discipline was an issue. School officials had responsibility over students and were order to protect them at all cost. In 1985, a teacher at Piscataway High School in New Jersey witnessed T.L.O (at the time Terri Lynn Owens) and another girl smoking in the bathroom –at the time the school prohibited smoking on campus. The students were then accompanied to the Vice -Principal Theodore Choplick’s office. During a somewhat interrogation Choplick questioned them about violating a school rule by smoking in the bathroom. The first girl admitted to smoking, but T.L.O denied that she had been smoking in the bathroom and stated she had never smoked in her life. Choplick then asked TLO into his private office where he furthered interrogated her and demanded she hand over her purse. Upon opening the purse he discovered a pack of cigarettes, rolling papers, a small gram of marijuana, a pipe, empty plastic bags, a stack of one –dollar bills, an index card that appeared to list students who owed TLO money, and two letters that implicated T.L.O’s involment in dealing marijuana. The Vice -Principal then called the police and the girl's mother, who voluntarily drove her to the police station. At the police station, T.L.O confessed that she had been selling marijuana at school; therefore the state of New Jersey filed charges against her in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court of Middlesex County and placed her under one year probation. T.L.O claimed that the evidence...
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