To What Extent Can the Iceman & Ice Maiden Be Considered Similar

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  • Published : December 3, 2010
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The ice man and the ice maiden, compared, both have similarities and difference, There are many different factors involved when determining how similar the ice man and ice maiden can be considered. Factors that should be taken in consideration are things like the discovery, evidence, common similarities with the bodies and the their deaths. The discovery and how they discovered held many similarities and differences. First off, the obvious is that they were both frozen, in areas of cold temperature. But how they were found, the way they were excavated has much difference. The iceman also known as ‘Otzi’ was discovered on the ground accidently by tourists, between Italy and Austria, The Alps, confused as a modern day murder, with his items scattered everywhere around him. While the ice maiden discovered in a coffin or Burial Chamber, in Utok (near the modern day border between China and Russia), The excavation process also showed differences. Otzi’s excavation of his body was very unprofessional. For tools, they used ice picks and ski poles which are not proper excavation tools. But for the Ice maidens it seems as if they were more careful and more professional. They had slowly defrosted it by pouring hot water on the ice. It seems that Otzi death was accidental or murder while The Ice Maiden was much more organized and prepared. There were also complications with Otzi’s discovery and excavation. The evidence with the bodies also had their similarities and differences. They did both have evidence and items with their corpses. But the items and evidence were very different. Otzi was found with weapons and other things that had related to his time. His clothing, weapons and miscellaneous had given us a better understanding of Otzi and his life (e.g. grass cape, bear cap, dung of animals, copper axes) But there was a dilemma about his excavation and evidence, after the news broke out about his discovery tourists took artifacts as souvenirs from the site of his...
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