Compare and Contrast the Devil and Tom Walker and the Devil and Daniel Webster

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Compare and Contrast
The Devil and Tom Walker
The devil and Daniel Webster
By: Zack Pridey

Tom and his wife were both greedy and mean, they seemed to care nothing for one another, or anyone else for that matter. Tom was so greedy and mean, he made a deal with the devil to make himself rich. He didn’t care who got hurt or what he had to do, so he agreed to do as the devil said. Jabez was a very poor humble man, and he was very down on his luck, if something bad happened to the neighbors, 10 times worse would happen upon Jabez and his home. He struck a deal with devil, but he soon would regret. But he never became greedy or mean, he remained as humble and religious as before. "The Devil and Tom Walker" by Washington Irving had few similarities to "The Devil and Daniel Webster" by Stephen Bebet, but it had many differences.

The stories were similar in a few ways. For instance, they were both poor men who sold their souls to the devil. The devil was a large, dark, and secretive man that had them sign the contract in blood. The stories also shared similarities in the fact that both men were religious after signing the contract. After that the stories take completely different directions.

The stories differed from the very beginning. Tom Walker never asked for help from the devil, while Jabez Stone orally originated a trade with the devil for two cents. After the help of the devil Tom went off to become a wealthy conceited man with no human compassion, but Jabez lived his life as humble as before. Tom was carried away by the devil when his contract expired, but Jabez was lucky in his efforts.jabez was able to compromise with a trial with Daniel Webster as his lawyer. Jabez and Daniel won the trial and Jabez was able to live his life in content, while Daniel was read his fortune and had the satisfaction that he won a trial against the devil himself.

The greedy and ungrateful usually pay differently than a man who was just trying to make ends meet, and...
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