Tips on Weight Loss and Weight Management

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Tips on Weight Loss and Weight Management
These days, many teenagers are very concerned about their weight. Many go on crash diets hoping to be transformed into models with svelte figures. Some, who are already slim, embark on such diets to become as skinny as Victoria Beckham. The seriousness with which teens tackle weight issues is worrying as the methods they use, such as going on crash diets and consuming slimming pills, are harmful. This article is therefore written with the aim of giving sensible solutions to weight loss and weight management. First, one should always eat sensibly. One way to do this is to cut down on foods that are high in sugar and fats such as cakes, biscuits and fast food. You should consume more fibre-rich foods as they keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. Instead of eating white bread, go for whole meal bread. Also, you should consume more vegetables and fruits, especially green leafy vegetables. Be selective of the fruits you eat and avoid those with a high sugar content. One important tip to help in weight management is to chew your food slowly. This way you will eat less. When you eat in a rush, you tend to eat more and the results will show on the scale. You should never go on crash diets as they are unhealthy. One major reason for this is that you will gain back the weight that you had lost. At the end of it, you might even be heavier than when you first started dieting. Crash diets take a toll on your body. This is detrimental especially to students. When you deprive your body of food, you will feel physically tired and mentally sluggish an this will affect your daily activities and disrupt your studies. Remember, your body needs nutrients in the right amounts to function efficiently. Another useful tip to reduce your weight is to learn t recognize hunger pangs. Whenever you feel hungry, ask yourself whether you are really hungry. In fact, you might only be thirsty. This way you can cut down on unnecessary...