Time Management

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  • Published : March 19, 2006
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Time Management Assignment

1.I looked at my daily routines Sunday through Saturday and classified my activities into the 4 quadrants of time management. I realized I spend most of my time through out the week in quadrant 1 and the least amount of my time in quadrant 4. When looking over my activities I stopped to look at how much I do certain things such as kick back and relax, get a little extra sleep, and realized that these are just about as important as attending class.

Here is how I broke down the hours of last week into the quadrants:


2. The three most important areas for me were attending class, studying, and relaxing. These are very important to me because the reason I am here is to get an education, and also is my number one priority. Because these are extremely important to me I feel that I should be able to give my self every advantage possible to do well by getting good rest, and relaxing. I choose relaxing as important, because if I were to just study and go to class all around the clock I would eventually break, and do poor work, have trouble concentrating, and end up with poor grades.

3.Three areas where I am involved in activities that are urgent but not important would be going to practice, sleeping in late, and watching certain TV shows. Practice is something that I have to do at a certain time, I can't just skip and do it whenever I please, it is scheduled and required if I want to stay on the team. It is not important to me because I am not getting any money for it, and it is not helping to get me a better education, I am simply doing it because I love to run track. Sleeping in to late can hinder my days and leave me in a pinch for time, usually on Sundays this happens. It is good to get in a longer night of sleep here and there but nothing excessive like 12 or 13 hours. I thought of watching certain TV shows as an urgent but not important thing, because if I...
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