Time Management

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Kala Lingo - Time Management Part 1
Every task has a time schedule and I need to complete work within a set time limit. I will set my priorities on every objective and follow the schedule diligently. After prioritizing and allocating time schedules for each task and goal, I think about the results I expect. Expectation makes you work positively towards accomplishment of goals and you feel satisfied and happy. Even before achieving the results, you are at ease and work positively and productively towards your goals.

After deciding on my schedule of work, need to follow it diligently. After some time, I will evaluate my performance. If I feel my performance to be lower than optimum level or there are no effective results, then I will change my schedule.

Further, goals and responsibilities change from time to time. It is therefore necessary to rearrange my time management schedule to adapt to the changes. Develop a flexible time schedule to put in changes or introduce new developments periodically. These techniques ensure higher productivity levels and maximum satisfaction. My family and my friends are my support group. No matter what I am going through or my struggles, they always seem to be there for me no matter what. Telling me to keep moving forward and never give up. It is a struggle at times but with their love and support I continue pursuing my dreams and goals. Having them in my life supporting me makes me want to keep going forward to show them and everyone that I do appreciate their love and everything they have done for me. Over the past several years my support group has grown tremendously and now I have many family and friend to help me and support me along the way. If my home computer goes down I can use a library, college, or other local place. Most libraries I been to have computers and internet access to them. Although different libraries may have different polices on their public access. Often a library card will be needed. Though not...
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