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Explain how you would present the research outcomes:

* Use an agreed format and appropriate media to present the outcomes of the research to an audience:

Manager Part in Retention:
When asked about why staffs leave, low pay comes out to be a common excuse. Though, research has shown that people join businesses, but leave because of what they managers’ do or don’t do. It is seen that superiors who have high opinion and rate workers’ capability, pay care to their ambitions, assure stimulating work, value the excellence of work life and providing chances for learning have faithful and engaged staffs. Consequently, managers and supervisors play an active and vital part in worker retention.

Creating a Motivating Environment:
Supervisors who create motivating surroundings are possible to keep their team members together for a lengthier period of time. Retaining does not automatically have to derive through fun events such as, celebrations, parties, team excursions etc.

Extra Responsibility:
Giving extra duty to staffs is an extra way to get them involved with the company. Though, just giving the extra duty does not help.

How to Improve Worker Retention:
Individuals want to enjoy their work so creating work fun and enjoyable. Comprehend that staffs need to balance life and work so offer flexible starting times and core hours.

Rewards and Recognition:
Staffs want to be acknowledged for a job well done. Rewards and recognition react to this need by authenticating performance and motivating staff toward continuous development. Rewarding and recognizing individuals for performance not only affects the individual being recognized, but others in the business as well.

Need for Rewards and Recognition
Recognition should be part of the business's culture because it contributes to both employee satisfaction and retention. Businesses can avoid worker turnover by rewarding top performers.

Case Studies:
Worker Retention Best Practices in Keeping and Motivating Staff: Ask any director of a company; What keeps you wide-awake at night and the reply would relish to individual management issues. A main concern for any business whether small or large; private, public or nonprofit is its capability to attract, involve, and retain the right people. The problem of retention is compounded by the predicted talent shortage subsequent from the upcoming retirement of the baby boomers, the scarcity of talent with relevant work skills for today’s jobs, the altering values about labor and the high cost of income. Research and human resource practices provide us with a number of recommendations to increase worker retention.

How Auditing Business X Works with Retaining Valuable Workers : Today, neither staffs nor companies seem to take for granted that a person will stay with the same firm until retirement. Yet, keeping staffs for longer periods is an important challenge for companies. One industry where retention is interesting is the auditing industry in Sweden, this because certain necessities are needed to become an auditor. Firstly, the worker needs to have a Swedish university degree, including specific courses within auditing and accounting. Also, the person needs practical experience for a specific period of time. Due to these statements the challenge of retaining and motivating valuable employees is crucial for the auditing firms, which is why I have chosen to do a case study at Auditing Firm X to see how they work with worker retention. I have compared the findings to my selected theory, which consist of four categories: the hiring process, internal labor market and career, motivation and performance, and finally culture and leadership. In my conducted case study, at Auditing Company X, I have been able to conclude that the firm’s retention practices are to a great extend in line with the theoretical framework. There are some parts that need additional attention from the company, such as an...
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