Field Trip Report

Topics: Hanoi, Education, Learning Pages: 6 (1566 words) Published: March 12, 2013


Student: Kieu Ngoc Mai
Student code: 09D10151N
Group: TA1401
Academic year: 2009 – 2013
Unit: Faculty of English 2 – Hanoi universityof business and technology Supervisor: Mrs. Dinh Phuong Anh

HA NOI – 2013

Terms of reference
Faculty of English, HUBT has requested this report on field trip as professional practice to perform my own English in to operation, thus successfully passing a final year of Bachelor’ degree of English and upgradding my English in service of the community after leaving school .The candidate is required to bring in to play his intellectual ability and professional capacity in translating a variety of professional translations. Aims

1. To do practice of business English that I have been studying for over 4 years at Hanoi university of business and technology. 2. To perform my own English at a certain unit of professional, which requires a lot from my academic knowledge in course of studying and training. 3. To learn something and to get something more practical and useful for my career opportunity and development. 4. To realize time taken to get to work and ways to perform my types of work. 5. To find out problems encountered and properly solved.

Working procedure
1. Learning a way how to manage daily work assigned, from which I am able to do my job in the near future effectively. 2. Learning a way how to set a working schedule in a proper way to fullfil the tasks assumed. 3. Be aware of finding out problems and conflicts and of dianosing conflicts and problems timely and effectively so that I might implement the targets set successfully. More than that understanding and grasping flexible and diversified methods in order to finish the work. 4. Capturing the working style, management, operation and procedures that have been performed by staff, expert and specialist in the period of professional practice. Specifically realizing the practical techniques and skills while completing a translation text or document exactly and flexibly in the context. 5. Among the things I have grasped, the best to be made is to know the way how to educate myself so that I am able to study throughout my life.

Executive summary
In the rapidly developing field of educational information technology, Lesh centre has built an online and offline English training system that is regarded as one of the most advanced in the whole of Vietnam. In fact it is on a par with some of the foremost English training systems in the world. With the goal of becoming the leading supplier of educational technology in Vietnam, Lesh is completting the foundations of an educational technology infrastructure which will be used to teach a wide range of topics and enhance the efficiency of the learning environment The consistent philosophy of Lesh is to produce high quality advanced learning methods for education, to provide learners with the best and the most economical tools to improve their knowledge in the most effective ways. Given that philosophy, Lesh has introduced new communication English courses and English training program to meet the increasing demand for international, high quality, low cost English training courses. During my research period, I have received great help and support from many people to implement my research broaden the ideas and finish the final report. At the beginning, my greatest debt goes to Mr Tran Anh Tho, my direct supervisor of the internship for his care, efforts and hours of the instruction and correction. Without his help, my report would be indefinitely. From bottom of my heart, I honesty wish him the best health and success in his life and career. Secondly, I myself would like to send my appreciation to the teachers and supervisor of the...
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