Personal Responsibility for College Success

Topics: Management, Goal, Project management Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: March 4, 2013

I. To obtain college success through personal responsibility one must take ownership of their goals and ambitions. By prioritizing task such as managing time, setting realistic goals and keeping healthy, one can achieve personal career success.

II. Body
A. Definition of personal responsibility
1. Personal responsibility is when one solely takes responsibility over a something or someone or an action individually rather than in a collective group and makes sure that the task is accomplished. B. Relationship between personal responsibility and college success 1. One should recognize the importance of accepting personal responsibility for one’s learning, time management and goal setting. With that one should also recognize that direct relationship between their personal responsibilities and one’s college and lifelong success go hand in hand. C. Time Management skills

1. Monitor Time
2. Plan schedule
D. Planning and Goal setting
1. Short Range Goals
2. Long Range Goals
E. Health and Financial Planning
1. Exercise
2. Budget
F. Action plan for implementing responsibility in your education 1. I will learn to manage my time by planning and setting appropriate goals and staying healthy and becoming financially stable.

III. Conclusion:
One should take personal responsibility for their own actions so they can lead themselves to a pathway of success, how one decides to manage their time between their personal responsibility and their college success is a major factor in achieving ones goals. One must learn to prioritize by any means, keeping healthy, managing ones emotions, keeping a sound mind, treating oneself with respect and knowing ones limits can help one achieve their goals.
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