Thriving on Chaos

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Thriving on Chaos
Handbook for a Management Revolution by Tom Peters Copyright © 1987 by Excel/A California Partnership Used by arrangement with Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Random House, Inc. 561 pages

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• The changing world will be unpredictable; companies must learn to "thrive on chaos." • Focus on providing customers with value, rather than on cost-cutting efficiencies. • Get rid of the old assumption that "bigger is better and biggest is best." • Small firms generally are more efficient innovators than big firms. • Successful firms are decentralized, have few organizational layers and are extremely service-conscious. • Provide superior service, with an emphasis on the intangibles, such as friendliness. • Learn to love change and develop an inspiring vision that motivates your people. • Get ideas from everywhere, not only from within your company, but from your competitors. • Bash bureaucracy. • Measure what's important – generally this will guide you to measure less, by measuring only meaningful productivity and results.


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What You Will Learn In this Abstract, you will learn: 1) How to thrive in an atmosphere of unceasing change; 2) Why constant improvement is mandatory; 3) Why your firm must emphasize customer service; and 4) Which specific strategies will move your company ahead. Recommendation In Search of Excellence guru Tom Peters says today’s rapidly changing times are forcing a management revolution. He suggests that being excellent is no longer enough: companies need to be perpetually ready to innovate. They must be willing to make continual improvements because the business environment is so competitive. Rather than focusing on cost-cutting efficiencies, these improvements must stress providing customers with value. He says that this rapidly changing world – fueled by new technology – will be unpredictable, so companies must learn how to “thrive on chaos” to survive the turbulent times ahead. To this end, Peters offers a series of steps that managers must take to become proactive and respond to change. He organizes his action prescriptions in five areas of management: 1) being responsive to the customer; 2) constantly innovating in all areas; 3) entering partnerships with everyone connected to your organization; 4) creating an inspiring vision based on change; and 5) setting up controls that measure what’s really important. Peters wrote...
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