Week 4-Individual Organizational Structure Paper

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Week 4-Individual Organizational Structure Paper

Sabrina Hoffmann


Management Organizational Functions
An important trait to any organization in the business world of today is the functions within the organization. Overall, an organizing function of management outlines the practice in which individuals within the organization interact and work with each other. CellCom Inc. is small cell phone company located only in Northeastern Wisconsin and is consider a reputable organization. The functions at CellCom Inc.’s stores, offices and distribution centers has allowed the optimum of organizational resources to effectively and efficiently service there employees and internal and external customers. CellCom Inc. Organizing Function of Management

There are not many businesses that have the ability to function and have a successful future without some form of planning, and the correct organizing of the organization allows such a plan to be conveyed. By establishes the organizational hierarchy and the flow of managerial relationships. While CellCom has roots in providing quality local telephone service through Northeast Telephone Company, the company has stretched beyond any vision its founders could have imagined. As a major telecommunications entity in the upper Midwest, our growth has been spurred by the changing demands of our customers and their need to partner with a telecommunications provider they can trust. Meeting the needs of our customers in a personalized manner is our top priority and has been at the heart of our organization since its humble beginning in 1910. Providing extraordinary customer service is not only the blueprint for our success but the foundation for their future. “The CEO occupies the top position and is the senior member of top management. The top managerial level also includes presidents and vice presidents. The second level of management is...
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