Project Management on the Fiona Stanley Hospital Construction

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The Fiona Stanley Hospital is set to be one of the best tertiary hospitals in Australia and for this project to be completed, strong management is required to ensure the project is completed to the highest standards. This report will address what is required to complete the project as efficiently as possible with its success dependent on effective management. Managers will need to be aware of the role they plan in this company and the skills they bring to the project. It is vital that the four management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling occur throughout the life of the project. Finally potential problems that may arise during the project will be discussed, and methods which can be used to prevent them. The information from this report comes from research I have conducted via a literary review. The aim of this report is to outline management principles which need to be adhered to in order for this project to be completed successfully.

The Fiona Stanley Hospital is set to be Western Australia’s state-of-the-art healthcare facility. A project of this magnitude requires a range of managerial positions. To efficiently complete this project, managers are required to take on differing loads and types of work. Henry Mintzberg’s theory of management proposes that there are different management roles that can be placed into three positional categories; interpersonal, informational and decisional roles. Figure 2, Mintzberg’s 10 managerial, roles clearly identifies the roles played by managers. (Mintzberg’s ten Management Roles)

Figure 1.

5.1 Interpersonal Roles
Interpersonal roles are “managerial roles that involve people, and other duties that are ceremonial and symbolic in nature.” (Robbins et al. 2003, 11) These managers are responsible for the training and hiring of employees, and their welfare. They are also required to liaise with outside contractors, and people within different departments. They act as a communication line within and outside the company. 5.2 Informational Roles

Informational roles are managerial roles that are responsible for the monitoring of company performance and management of potential problems. It is crucial for them to be able to delegate tasks in order to achieve maximum efficiency. They provide key information regarding the project to people within the company and external parties. As such they are essential to projects like the Fiona Stanley Hospital. 5.3 Decisional Roles

Decisional role managers encourage the development of new ideas on a project. They are in charge of allocating resources to departments to be used efficiently to complete the Fiona Stanley Hospital project. Negotiation between the company and contractors is critical to the success of the project and these managers act as the middle man. Their aim is to “empower and supervise projects and employees to develop” (Kenney n.d.)

6.0 Management Skills
The key to the success of the Fiona Stanley Hospital lies in effective management. It is important for managers to have general managerial skills and experience. They do not necessarily need experience in the construction of a hospital as the skills outlined below are transferrable throughout the industry. The following managerial skills will ensure that the Fiona Stanley Hospital project will become more efficient. 6.1 Technical Skills

Technical skills are essential for specialised field of construction. Knowledge of technical aspects of construction practises are relied on in the development and success of a project. Many line and middle managers are involved in the technical side of a project. Construction managers for example must be familiar with specific building codes and practises to enable them to solve problems and answer employee’s questions. 6.2 Problem Solving Skills

The ability to problem solve is a critical skill for managers. Defining a problem is reliant on the capability of a manager to differentiate between the cause of the...
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