Three Habit to Create Strong Ethical Leaders Within Vietnam

Topics: Ethics, Leadership, Decision making Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: August 21, 2008
Leadership styles and habits promote an organization ethical climate. Leadership styles include coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, and coaching elements. Transactional leaders negotiate or barter with employees while transformational leaders strive for a share vision and common leaning experience. The strong ethical leaders have a strong personal character, have a passion to do the right thing, are proactive, forcus on stackholders’ interests, are role models for the organization’s values, make transparent decisions, and take a holistic view of the firm’s ethical culture. In Vietnam, sometimes the promotion process was not completely perfect then it may cause an generation of weakly ethical leaders especially in the public area. Three additional habits I would like to proposed to help create strong ethical leaders within Vietnam can be as follows:

Habit 1: Ethical leaders have skill on listening, analysing and evaluation An Vietnamess ethical leader must have a capability to listen to the others. By listening, they can get the multisource information to understand the case in their organization and adjust their behavior ethically. By listening skill, they can be sympathized to the employee and create the belief in them. Also, the stackholder’s desire can be recognized to support the sustainabe development, and more environment responsible. The skill for analysing is very important in the global business. It helps leader to find out the root of the problem as well as the systematical faults which are the base for making decision. The expectation on the behavior need to be established and communicated. Strong ethical leader must use the evaluation through the feedback and measure their improvement, then they can adjust their ethical behavior. Habit 2: Ethical leaders have passion to improve knowledge and sharpen the saw. Experiences and knowledge can support leaders in the ethical decision making. Many leaders in Vietnam should have the habit...
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