Reflection on the Leadership Behavior

Topics: Leadership, Morality, Ethical leadership Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Review for Ethical and Authentic leadership
Based on the theory of ethical and authentic leadership styles and finished questionnaire which reflected situations about me, this assignment is to analysis which kind of leadership I am. In the following paragraphs, I will illustrate the similarities and differences between my self-assessment and the questionnaire’s results and try to find out my leadership style by explaining each kind of leadership style together with the results. I will start with explaining the theories. There are several characteristic about ethical leaders. They respect and serve others, not only think highly of justice, but also process the beauty of honesty. As a moral person, they have perfect personalities. As a moral manager, it was their effort to influence the ethical behaviors of others (Trevino, Brown, & Hartman, 2003). Being a moral person is the priority of being a moral manager while moral manager strengthen their leadership through more emotional communications. They will consider their staff in the first place when they are make decisions and award their employees for their moral behavior. Speaking of authentic leadership style, it shared some characteristic with ethical leadership style. For instance, they both have positive core values such as altruism, kindness, fairness, accountability, and optimism. These characteristic motivate leaders to do what is right and fair for fellows and forming relationships filled with trust, communicate, guidance and emphasis (Yukl, 2013). The difference is authentic leaders care more about self consciousness while ethical leaders care more about others’, so authentic leaders are more likely to be true to themselves and equipped with the character of honest . The result obtained from the questionnaire turn out to be similar to my self-assessment. I got 9 on my self-assessment on the ethical leadership part and an average number of 4.6 on that part of the questionnaire while 5 on the...
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