Leadership Annotated Bibliography

Topics: Leadership, Management, Ethics Pages: 7 (2174 words) Published: May 9, 2012
Leadership Behaviour
Andersen, JA & Hansson, PH 2011,"At the end of the road? On differences between women and men in leadership behaviour", Leadership & Organization Development Journal, vol. 32 no. 5 pp. 428 – 441

In this article Anderson and Hansson explore the behavioural differences between women and men in managerial positions and propose explanations for the differences and similarities. The authors used data gained through questionnaires of public managers, that measured their leadership style, decision making styles, and motivation profile as to eliminate any effects of organizational differences on leadership behaviour. This investigation employs three dimensions of leadership behaviour – leadership style, motivation profile, and decision-making style, which encompass ten factors. This study derived the samples from the Swedish public sector in order to reduce the effects on leadership behaviour due to private-public organisational differences and represent both national and local organisations through surveys. The main limitation of this article would be the type of organisation, as this current study is very specific. Also instead of gender, the type of organization in which managers operate may explain their behaviour to a much larger extent. As virtually no significant differences in behaviour between female and male public managers were found, the authors reformulated the second research question to find explanations for the similarities. Previous research indicates that managers’ behaviours vary according to organizational types. No differences emerged in leadership behaviour in the predominantly female-led ones. Similarly, there were no differences in leadership behaviour in the comparisons between male-led organizations with a majority of female employees and female-led ones with a majority of women. This journal article is very relevant to the research of this chosen topic as it explains behavioural differences in leadership, as well as between the genders and expands upon the recommended text.

Leadership Styles
Oshagbemi, T & Ocholi, SA 2006,"Leadership styles and behaviour profiles of managers", Journal of Management Development, vol. 25 no. 8, pp. 748 - 762

This article discusses the variety of organisational leaders, workers, managers and academics had previously been classified on the basis of characteristics of their jobs. This study investigated the extent to which managers from various UK industries could be meaningfully grouped on the basis of the leadership style patterns, which they exhibited in the performance of their jobs. Names of the potential respondents were randomly obtained from leaders and managers working in the UK key British enterprises. A number of managers completed and returned questionnaires. A cluster analysis methodology was used to group the respondents into three distinct units. In this study, variations in the extent to which managers adopted the following styles. This study concentrates on the grouping of managers based on the extent of their operation of particular leadership styles, which explores the implications for worker effectiveness and productivity. The main limitation of this article would be the naming of the groups should not be allowed to give the impression that there was complete uniformity within each category. Furthermore, absolute statements about the effectiveness of the groups cannot be made with certainty. Another implication of the grouping is that it shows clearly that a high percentage of the managers are either practical or unity managers. It was found that the practical and unity leaders form a high percentage of the managers in UK organisations. Nevertheless, the major characteristics of the leadership styles of uncaring leaders were identified. Finally, absolute statements about the effectiveness of the three groups of managers cannot be made with certainty; effectiveness of each group is comparative. Nevertheless, it...
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