This Feasibility Study Will Involve a Start Up Business Venture to Be Located in Greenbelt Mall, Makati.

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|Food Establishment Feasibility Study |
|Project 2: |
|Menu Costing |

|Submitted to: |
|Mr. Durwin Santos |
|Business Math Professor |
|Submitted by: |
|Tricia Grace Go Rañises |
|Francisco Naguiat |
|Nico Sindayen |
| |
|On: October 7, 2010 |

Background of the Study

This feasibility study will involve a start up business venture to be located in Greenbelt Mall, Makati. Computations for all numbers given are based on estimations and formulas from Industry professionals, i.e. Enderun teachers.

The restaurant is a casual dining restaurant which follows the American/Plated style of table service and has a prix fixe menu.

As of 2010, Makati City has about 510,383 residents. However, during the day the population it hosts could surge to over a million and more.

At this location our demographic would consist of the population that visit Greenbelt mall. On average this would consist of about 400,000 people per week. Based on the type of mall Greenbelt is, the crowd would mostly be foreigners and locals that fall under the A and B category.

Proposed Food Establishment

A. Location of food establishment

The restaurant will be located specifically in Greenbelt 3, Paseo de Roxas corner Legaspi Street, Ayala Center, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

At this location, rental is Php1200 per square meter. The total area computation is shown below.

It will be a casual dining restaurant the targets primarily Class A and B. It serves only one set menu at a package price.

The maximum number of covers per meal period every week is 30. Since it will be a three course meal each time, turnover per meal period is 0. Therefore, the maximum number of covers per meal period is equal to the total number of seats.

The restaurant will be about 90 square meters only, with a dining area of 60 square meters, a kitchen of 19 square meters and a storage area of about 11 square meters.

|Total Square meter computation |  |  | |Dining Area only | |60 |sq m |  | |With Kitchen | |75 |sq m |  | |With Storage | |86.25 |sq m |  | |Total square meters |Approximately 90 square meters |

The dining area size was computed by multiplying the total number of seats (30) by 2. To compute for the size if there was a dining area and a kitchen, 60 sq m was multiplied to 1.25. For a location including a storage area, the previous size (75sq m) was multiplied to 1.15. The numbers in the table differ from the ones in the paragraph above it in order to account for the approximation which involved an extra 3.75 meters.

Our utilities expenses would include both electricity and water. For a 90 square meter area, electricity is estimated to be about Php24,000 per month. This is according to the estimate that for every square meter, electricity cost is at Php266.67.

The water bill for a restaurant of this size would amount to about Php2700 a month.

For American Plated Service, the ratio is traditionally 1 server: 16-24 guests and 1 busboy: 2 servers. But because we have a fixed 3 course menu, we add an extra server each meal period. As full time employees, we would have 2 servers and 1 busboy for lunch and dinner. Other full time employees are 1 chef, 1 assistant chef,...
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