Thinking Critically About the Media

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Submitted To: Mrs. Nancy Cocamas
Submitted By: Miss. Dionnefil D. Dadole
MAED 1st year
April 30, 2012
Summer 2012
➢ Get a copy of a local daily paper, a national paper and a national newsmagazine and bring each to class. Rather than look at the articles, focus on the advertisements. You can ignore the “supplements” that often come with the paper. Take a guess at what the ratio of Ads to articles is, then count the number of Ads in the first section of each newspaper or an entire newsmagazine and compare it to the number of news articles. Look at the sizes of Ads and their content. Take note of the Ads that appear in particular sections, such as Sports or Business. What can you conclude about the kind of audience toward which the Ads are directed? Are there any obvious or subtle connections between any of the advertisements and the stories in the paper? Do any of the stories have the quality of an Ad– announcing the opening of a new store, for example? Are there any Ads that have the quality of a news story making claims about a new weight-reducing pill, for example? Are the Ads clearly labelled as advertisements or distinguished from the news in other ways, such as being enclosed in a border?

The two Ads of Paramount Life & General Insurance posted on the whole of pages 3 & 5 and the posted Ads of Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual arts and Food industry on the last two pages of ‘STARWEEK (Volume: XXVI; NO. 11 edition; April 22, 2012 issue)’ newsmagazine are generally directed towards literate (know how to read and write newspaper or newsmagazine readers of the Philippines or Filipino readers). But talking of special clients or consumers or the real target market/consumers/clients of ‘SUNDAY to SUNDAY’ column Ads: Music Ads are darted towards ‘five-star hotel singers, recording singers/artists (Filipino or foreigner), entertainment joints bands (Filipino or foreign), opera/theatre/concert performers-singers, choir groups, recording composers/producers and instrumental artists who may both be foreign or Filipino.’; Dance Ads are aimed at ‘cultural group dancers, show dancers, dance instructors, dance experts, dance companies and student dancers as well who are foreign or Filipino.’; Theatre Ads, are aimed towards specialized target markets which comprise of ‘theatre artists-performers, actors & actresses, divas, composers, producers and directors.’; Audience/Target markets for Visual arts Ads are ‘canvass/charcoal/ portrait/scenery painters, sculptors, textile producers/ manufacturers, art collectors, photographers, tattoo artists, and all other visual arts artists’ who may be Filipino or foreigner. As for Food Ads, they are targeted to ‘chefs, culinary institutions & students, five-star hotels or restaurants or resorts, household housewives & mothers and middle class households with families who have the purchasing/buying power of the price established by these Food enterprises. Thus, it can be concluded that the audience of STARWEEK (Volume: XXVI; NO. 11 edition; April 22, 2012 issue)’ Ads comes from highly diversified population of Filipino and foreign readers residing or who happens to be in the Philippines at that time that issue of the newsmagazine was distributed & circulated and it can further be inferred that the target audiences/media consumers of these industries (music, dance, theatre, visual arts, food and insurance) are audience /consumers engaged into or occupied with these industries as their professions, vocations, occupation, interests and hobbies.

The featured news stories like “PILGRIMS ON THE RUN”; “TAGUIG’S 425TH FOUNDING ANNIVERSARY”; “PROJECT PRIDE”; and regulars of the newsmagazine (i.e. In the Know, Table Talk & Spot the Changes) substance or context are coincidentally selected by the editors/columnists of STARWEEK so as to complement with the...
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