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Topics: Mario, Advertising Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Sandra Cristina M. DaSilva
Mr. M. Sweeney
ENG 101
October 25, 2012

Whether we like it or not, advertising has become a big part of our lives. It is no longer limited to a page in a magazine and oversized billboards on our open roads and highways. We are now exposed to them through television, the internet, and annoyingly in our cinemas! It can be a nuisance and quite overwhelming, but ideal for our generation and economy. The more money we spend, the more taxes we pay, resulting in more job opportunities. Marketers spend millions of dollars researching and analyzing how consumers think and what we buy. Based on their results, the advertisers then break us off into demographic groups. Have you ever noticed when you’re online, that many of the pop-ups and advertisements are generally items you’re interested in? The reason is that it’s all based on your searches and internet history. I have picked an effective ad that I’ve seen numerous times pop up on my children’s favorite websites. I’ve noticed that my older son who never favored too much in what is in this advertisement; all of a sudden crave and enjoy the product. This advertisement is set in an adolescent’s room. There are toys like robots, dinosaurs, and a basketball indicating that the room’s owner is a male. In the center of the room, is a television and game console on an entertainment center with wheels. An infamous video game character, Mario from the Super Mario Brothers, is on the screen. He appears to be growing out of the screen and bursting out of the actual television. In his hand is a freshly opened bottle of milk. The milk in his hand is insinuating that his growth is a result of the calcium packed beverage. There is also an empty bottle of milk next to some stale slices of pizza on the disorganized floor.

This ad primarily appeals to our youthful population. The majority of kids take pleasure in spending their time playing video games. The advertisers use that fact...
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