Thesis About Drop-Out Students

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Chapter I



Many young people make decisions in their early years that can affect not

only their personal welfare, but also their society as a whole. Some students fail to

complete school and may become unemployed instead of becoming productive

member of the society. One of the major problem the Philippine education is facing

right now, especially in the public schools is the high percentage in the drop – out rate.

Each year, the Department of Education introduces different methods to

answer the continuous decrease in the internal efficiency especially the drop – out rate

in different schools. There is really a need for an advocacy to further supplement the

idea of “ Education for All “.

On this study, the researcher aims to provide information to teachers and

students of Betis High School with regards to a rapid decrease in the number of

enrollees especially in the last grading period and also the solution to overcome such

problem especially in the lower sections.

Teenagers will continue to drop – out of school unless ways can be found

to help them realize that Education is the key to achieve a successful life and so

educators and parents must look for ways to help them receive the education they


II. Conceptual Framework



They become unemployed when they grow up
Home Visitation
Financial Problem

Support from the Barangay

Early Pregnancy

Early Marriage

Drug Addiction

People will underestimate your skills and abilities
Proper Guidance of Parents

Poor Grades

The paradigm above shows the implications of many young students once they

drop out from the school, financial problem, early pregnancy, drug addiction and poor

grades are just one of the many causes of drop outs. The only solution is home visitation,

support from the barangay including the proper guidance of parents. If this problems will

not be overcome, it may lead to unemployment. As a result of early pregnancy, they will

be forced to be married at a very young age and since this students are a failure, people

will underestimate their capabilities.

III. Statement of the Problem

The researchers made this study to find out the reasons why students of

Betis High School drop – out from school during the School Year 2011 – 2012.

This study aims to provide information on the following:

1. What are the different reasons why a student dropped out from school?

2. What are the possible solutions with regards to this problem?

3. What are the effects of dropping out from the school?

IV. Assumptions

The researchers came up with the following assumptions:

1. Teachers could encourage parents to send their children to school.

2. Different institutions like our school could provide strong academic climate.

3. Numerous organizations could offer scholarships for families who can’t send their

children to school.

V. Null Hypothesis

The researchers came up with the following hypothesis:

1. Students who dropped out of school lost the opportunity to have a higher income job.

2. Dropped outs will lose their chance of achieving their goals in life.

3. Dropped outs may cause disturbance to teachers, parents and the community.+

VI. Significance of the Study

This study will be beneficial to the students by means of helping them

realize the importance and essence of education in order to have a better future.

Moreover, this study addressed itself to: Educators and Teachers, Parents, Students and

other individuals.

For Educators and Teachers, that they may gain knowledge on how to

minimize the cases of drop-outs.

For Parents, that they may guide their children in developing their

attitudes by paying more attention to them .

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