Teen Drop Outs

Topics: Dropout, Education, High school Pages: 3 (1158 words) Published: July 3, 2008
1,000,000, this is the number of teenagers who drop out of high school each year. “In several of the largest school systems across the country -- from Baltimore to Cleveland to Atlanta and Oakland, Calif. -- half of the students are dropping out.” (ABCNews). Why are these students dropping out? The reasons are anonymous and exceedingly many. Students drop out for all the wrong reasons. And what he or she does not consider is the future that lies ahead of them. All those decisions he or she may think are acceptable for dropping out are actually very foolish and irresponsible. Staying in school is one of the most important things in a person’s life, and it is the best chose anyone can make. If a student drops out, what he or she can look forward to is having; low paying jobs, a hard life, poverty, and most definitely a criminal record. “By far, though, the most common reason for teens leaving school is poor performance.”(Stewart). Some students do not like school in general, or the school he or she is attending. Many are failing, getting poor grades, or he or she just cannot keep up with all their school work. Some do not get along with teachers and/or other students. Also, he or she might get married or get pregnant. And, of course, drugs or alcohol are problems that play a major role in the dropout rates. Some factors that may lead to dropouts are: “External locus of control (i.e., being in agreement with others' perceptions -- believed or actual -- of their individual ability, worth, or value), low self-esteem, at least one disability (e.g., ADHD, learning disabilities), Poor peer support, depression or other emotional problems, early sexual activity or promiscuity, substance abuse.”(Focus Adolescent Services). Whether the issues are with the schools or personal problems, students can obtain help. The question is, are he or she willing to except help?

When students drop out, at first he or she does not realize the horrible outcomes...
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