Oregano Insect Repellent

Topics: Dropout, College, Education Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: September 6, 2012
Background of the Study

Dropout is a student who leaves a specific level of education system without achieving first qualification. A number of dropout students are increasing. School dropouts have a serious negative impact on the societies. Early dropout from the education system leading into low qualification and most often to unemployment and other social problems is the cause for an increasing education divide in many countries. Often this divide further distances various social, cultural or ethnic groups within a society. Children who are from poor families, live in rural areas, or are from ethnic and linguistic minorities are less likely to attend school. Girls’ education is strongly associated with better welfare at the individual, family, and society level. Educated mothers are more likely to send their children to school, thus breaking the cycle of poverty. The quality of learning is and must beat the heart of Education for All. Many young people make decisions in their early years that can affect not only their personal welfare, but also their societies as a whole. Some students fail to complete school and may become marginalized, unemployed, or otherwise underprivileged instead of becoming productive members of society. Multiple factors in elementary or middle school may influence students’ attitudes, behaviors, and performance in high school prior to dropping out. Some factors can be related to their financial problem, problems with their family members, there academic performance, student’s health problem and discrimination. Commonly others dropping out because of financial problems, if you are having financial problem, it is important for you to act now before it get worse. Doing nothing can lead to much larger problems in the future even in your education. The other reason is the family problem, there are so many ways to have a family problem, the Divorce, drug addicted parent, an abused parent, parents who fight, another woman and the most...
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