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Internet café as a supportive educational arena

A Case Study Presented to


In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
For the

Data Communication

February 2013

Divino, Joan E.
Aboganda, Gizelle Ellaine G.
Barnido, Melvin

This case study will not be a success without the help of the other people. We are deeply grateful to those who made this case study possible. * First of all, we would like to thanks our adviser Mr. Jonathan Q. Pagurayan who guided us through the whole process of making this study. * To the owner of the Internet Café, Mr. Juan Dela Cruz, without his permission we wouldn’t able to conduct this study. * Our group would also like to extend our gratitude to our batchmates who cooperated and trusted us. * Lastly, we would like to thank our families for serving as our inspiration in accomplishing this case study.

The purpose of this paper is to interpret a case study of the unexpected educational impact of an Internet Café. Our focus is here to examine the transformation of ICT (Information and Communications Technology). We consider this an interesting illustration of the spread of globalization to a local community in a development country and how learning takes place in unexpected contexts. Therefore the paper takes off from a comprehensive portrait of one Internet café and its management, some users and non-regular users. As a part of a long-term field study this analysis is a first analysis of the project and it also aim to illustrate from conception to realization, and implementation of Internet café.

Our findings show that there is a clear ambition from the management of the Internet Café to enable computer literacy and bridge digital divides, as well as social and educational progress. The main purpose of the management to empower poor people computer literacy is worthy, however doubtful, because it emerges with training and economy. Recent technological development of Internet on the cell phones has challenged the Internet cafés and there are incentives to use the cell phone even for activities that formerly was performed at the Internet Café. If the Internet is in everyone’s pocket the educational arena of the Internet Cafes’ are threaten, but the Cyber´s advantage is tutorial support from peers and management. The Internet Café promotes learning ambitions but it also shows the divides of the knowledge society. Youth with computer skills has got increased access to Internet.

Internet café business is indeed a very popular business. It is one of the establishments made indispensable in an increasingly interconnected world.

Internet café was started with the opening of first Cyber Café, Café Cyberia, in London (UK) September 1, 1994. It was founded by Eva Pascoe. It started with half a dozen of HP Computers, connected to the internet through dial-up modems that were able to transfer data at 9.6 kilobytes per second. As the first Internet café, Café Cyberia got tremendous publicity and additional investments into the business from likes of Mick Jagger and Maurice Saatchi. With the success of Café Cyberia, the Internet café business got into a flying start, and there were over 60 similar cafes over the world by the summer of 1995.

Internet cafes are located worldwide, and many people use them when travelling to access web-mail and instant messaging g services to keep in touch with family and friends. Apart from travelers, in many developing countries Internet cafes are the primary form of internet access for citizens as a shared access model is more affordable than personal ownership of equipment.

The establishment of such kind of Internet café facilitate to users to entertain and grasp information at a time.

New information and communication technology (ICT) is now widely spread and indeed associated with globalization. There is no doubt that in the information...
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