Theories in Communication

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social marketing theory
Social marketing theory is defined as "the use of marketing principles and techniques to influence a target audience to voluntarily accept, reject, modify or abandon a behavior for the benefit of individuals, groups or society as a whole" (Kotler, Roberto, Lee) . This form of marketing is used especially in the area of health awareness, but also for not-for-profits and in order to spread political messages. It is a way of viewing non-government organizations as businesses, insofar as they need to correctly identify the market they want to target with their message (the NGO equivalent of a product), spread their message as efficiently and far as they can, and, in most cases, also raise money through grants or public donations. Social marketing theory aims to increase the effectiveness of the mass media generated content through understanding and manipulating a combination of societal and psychological factors. II]. how is the theory applied to the issue of communication about HIV and AIDS

Program administrators, health educators, and other program planners are trained in social marketing to enable them to imbue public health organizations with a marketing mindset. Currently, short training sessions are offered in the country for the prevention of HIV and AIDS . The program provides instruction in the basic skills required to manage social marketing programs. However, at this time, no schools of public health offer a concentration in social marketing, and most do not provide a complete course on the topic. Although it is debatable whether social marketing should develop into a distinct degree-granting discipline within public health, competency-based training is needed to prepare public health professionals to apply its principles correctly.

2. i. Tenets of media intrusion theory
Media intrusion theory maybe define as the interference of the media on public affairs of the state and also celebrities

ii. media intrusion In...
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