Theatre in Education

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Theatre in Education


It is an umbrella term describing the use of scripted, live piece of theatre which is linked to an interactive workshop designed to explore issues further. Theatre in Education (TIE) basically refers to use of theatre within a formal school or out –of school context, Epskamp 2006:11.According to Jackson(19974:49-50) TIE began in Britain during the mid -1960s and spread rapidly as theatres sought to extend their outreach programmes and developed a variety of ways of speaking to the communities they served.TIE refers to the use of theatre for explicit educational purposes, closely allied to school curriculum and mostly in educational contexts:schools,colleges and youth clubs or sometimes museums and historical sites.

Theatre in Education aims to educate audiences through the powers of entertainment and imagination whilst, at the same time, encouraging children to question and think for themselves. It teaches, train and inspire. Theatre in education is designed to enable young people to raise questions and discuss sensitive issues that they may otherwise avoid, to practise communication, negotiation and decision-making skills, and to consider issues relating to self-esteem, peer pressure, stereo types and sexuality. Drama –base teaching methods including role playing, forum theatre and hot seating may be used within the performance and workshops.

1)Forum Theatre
This is a popular type of performance and is a sequencing technique with stop- start action. The play is performed once without interruption, with the characters facing a number of dilemmas and choices. The young people are encouraged to step into the characters shoes and think about how they might handle things differently. Scenes from the play are repeated and the young people are invited to stop the action and intervene. They can improvise...
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