Art Standards Scavenger Hunt

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Arts Standards Scavenger Hunt

1. Locate an Arts standard that involves giving a performance. Label - NA-M.K-4.2 Performing on Instruments, Alone and With Others, a Varied Repertoire of Music Standard Definition – Students perform on pitch, in rhythm, with appropriate dynamics and timbre, and maintain a steady tempo Rationale -

2. Locate an Arts standard that relates to the higher levels—terms such as evaluate or create—of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Label – NA-M.K-4.6 Listening to, Analyzing, and Describing Music Standard Definition – Students identify simple music forms when presented aurally Rationale -

3. Locate an Arts standard that seems to be a mainstay of the discipline. Label – NA-M.K-4.8 Understanding Relationships between Music, the Other Arts, and Disciplines outside the Arts Standard Definition – Students identify similarities and differences in the meanings of common terms (e.g., form, line, contrast) used in the various arts Rationale –

4. Locate an Arts standard that exemplifies authentic learning. Label – NA-T.K-4.3 Designing by Visualizing and Arranging Environments for Classroom Dramatizations Standard Definition – Students visualize environments and construct designs to communicate locale and mood using visual elements (such as space, color, line, shape, texture) and aural aspects using a variety of sound sources. Rationale –

5. Locate an Arts standard that could be used to justify a field trip. Label – NA-T.9-12.8 Understanding Context by Recognizing the Role of Theatre, Film, Television, and Electronic Media in Daily Life Standard Definition – Students compare how similar themes are treated in drama from various cultures and historical periods, illustrate with informal performances, and discuss how theatre can reveal universal concepts Rationale –

6. Name your favorite Arts standard.
Label – NA-M.5-8.9 Understanding Music in Relation to History and...
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